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WASP Manufacturing Ltd.

WASP Wildfire Protection Base Kit (without-hoses)

WASP Wildfire Protection Base Kit (without-hoses)

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The Patented WASP Gutter Mount is made in North America and was developed for and is used by over 200 Fire Departments.

The Base Kit includes:

  • 2 Patented WASP Gutter Mount Sprinkler Brackets
  • 2 Agricultural Grade, Wind fighting Sprinkler Heads
  • 2 Patented WASP Facia/Fence Brackets for Homes and Structures Without Gutters

Please note that the base kit does not include hoses. If you would like the hoses, please purchase the full kit.


Product Description

  • The Patented WASP Gutter Mount is made in North America and was developed for and is used by over 200 Fire Departments.
  • WASP brackets are wind and heat resistant and clip on quickly & securely with any household pole long enough to reach your gutters. They are fully adjustable to fit all types of gutters.
  • With a powerful agricultural grade sprinkler head, the WASP brackets get water onto the roof and surrounding area.
  • The WASP Kit also includes WASP fence/fascia mounts for sprinkler use on homes without gutters. Mount sprinklers to walls or fences to protect equipment and gutterless structures.
  • The WASP kit provides coverage for a standard sized home and has a built-in adjustment for higher roof pitches. The rotating sprinkler heads are rated for a 33 foot spray radius and incorporate agricultural grade wind fighting technology.
  • WASP Gutter Mount Sprinklers are a patented and trusted product, they are simple to use and are proven successful by professionals in the field.

Floating embers from miles away are the most common reason for loss of homes and structures.


Getting water onto the roof and surrounding area can help put these embers out.


If it’s wet, it shouldn’t burn.


In our forty plus years working in the wildfire arena, we’ve never before seen such a simple and effective wildfire home protection set up and design such as the ones you’ve put together.

Robert Wood - Wildfire Home Defense

Comox Fire Rescue has used WASP sprinklers for many years. We carry about fifty of them on our Type 2 Structure Protection trailer. They are very easy to use, safe to deploy and effective and efficient. We have sold dozens of the WASP Wildfire protection kits in our area.

Fire Chief Gord Schreiner - Comox Fire Rescue

The great part of the WASP is that it can run 24 hours a day without supervision; I found that setup was quick and easy and could be moved with short notice.

Troy Milledge - Wildfire Ranger II - Province of Alberta

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