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WASP Wildfire Protection Full Kit (with hoses)
Gutter Mount Sprinkler Protection
Gutter Mount Sprinkler Deployment
Complete Wildfire Protection Kit Parts
Complete Wildfire Protection Kit

WASP Wildfire Protection Full Kit (with hoses)

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Used by Fire Departments throughout North America, our Patented WASP units incorporate US made Agricultural sprinkler heads.

The Full/Complete Kit includes:

  • 2 Patented high quality WASP gutter mount units
  • 2 agricultural grade wind fighting Sprinkler heads
  • 2 Facia/Fence Brackets (for homes without gutters)
  • 2 Forestry grade 25 foot hoses

These units have a 30 foot spray radius. (typical home will require 1-2 kits for maximum protection)

Product Description

  • MADE IN THE USA AND CANADA. Patented Protection endorsed by Fire Fighters
  • No gutters on your home? No problem! We include two brackets in our kits so you can install the sprinklers with or without gutters.
  • No one thinks it will happen to them, don’t be reactive, be proactive and purchase your piece of mind today
  • Protect your most valuable assets, pets & family members
  • Efficient, safe & effective protection SO EASY A CHILD OR SENIOR CAN DEPLOY IT IN MINUTES
  • Be a good neighbor, purchase one of our community packs today for your home & your neighbors and save money



In our forty plus years working in the wildfire arena, we’ve never before seen such a simple and effective wildfire home protection set up and design such as the ones you’ve put together.

Robert Wood - Wildfire Home Defense

Comox Fire Rescue has used WASP sprinklers for many years. We carry about fifty of them on our Type 2 Structure Protection trailer. They are very easy to use, safe to deploy and effective and efficient. We have sold dozens of the WASP Wildfire protection kits in our area.

Fire Chief Gord Schreiner - Comox Fire Rescue

The great part of the WASP is that it can run 24 hours a day without supervision; I found that setup was quick and easy and could be moved with short notice.

Troy Milledge - Wildfire Ranger II - Province of Alberta