Gutter Mount Sprinkler System <div class="page-excerpt">Used by Homeowners and Fire Departments</div>

The WASP Patented Gutter Mount Sprinkler System gets water to the home’s roof and surrounding areas, where it’s needed most during wildfire emergencies. Homeowners can now purchase the gutter mount sprinkler system, which had previously only been available to the firefighting community.

No gutters? No problem! Our Wildfire Protection Kit comes with 2 brackets that you can install so you can use the sprinklers without gutters.

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"When the sprinkler systems were deployed and put to use to protect structures, they worked exceptionally well. The only way I can describe it was that it looked like an island of green in a sea of black"

Lieutenant Greg Broadway
Thornhill Fire Department

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Many homes lost to wildfire burn from the roof down, started from these windblown embers. These spot fires often occur many miles from the fire itself, even if the fire is contained. It makes sense that one of the smartest ways to help protect your home is to keep the roof and surrounding area wet. One of the advantages of the WASP Gutter Mount Sprinkler System is it can be turned on and left on during an evacuation.

Deployed by an extendable pole, the light weight bracket easily and quickly attaches to the existing gutters on most homes. Installs in minutes…no ladder or tools required! Complete with high quality agricultural grade sprinkler heads rated up to a 33’ (10m) spray radius (Spray radius is dependent on water pressure. Actual results may vary). The head is a tenth the weight of standard brass sprinkler heads and is non-impact, conserving water and able to work with very low pressure. Incredibly durable and reliable! Water is supplied from your home’s existing hose taps.

Gutter Mount Sprinkler Deployment Video

The Wildfire Protection Kit

Wildfire Protection Kit

Each WASP Gutter Mount Sprinkler System Kit includes everything needed to help protect a standard home. Two patented sprinkler brackets, two high quality agricultural grade sprinkler heads, and two sets of forestry grade lay flat hose in 25’ (7.6m) length.

The kit also includes two of the fascia/fence brackets, which can be quickly and easily installed to allow deployment on fences or structures without gutters. Additional sprinklers and accessories sold separately if needed. WASP is proud to now offer the Patented Gutter Mount Sprinkler System to homeowners both online and through select retail outlets.

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